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pigtail n : a braid of hair on either side of the face

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  1. a braided plait of hair
  2. a twisted piece of tobacco
  3. a cable that has a connector at one end, and loose wires on the other
  4. the flamingo flower


braided hair

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A pigtail is another name for hair styled into a large braid that extends down or out from the head. In analogy to the ponytail hairstyle and the long, free-flowing tail of a horse, a pigtail is named for the visual resemblance of a thick, irregularly-tensioned hair braid to the kinked tail of a pig. A person's hairstyle may consist of one or more individual pigtails.
In some regional usages of English, pigtails are considered synonymous with a symmetric pair of bunches, regardless of whether each "bunch" is braided or left loose.

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braid, brush, bun, cauda, caudal appendage, caudation, cavendish, chaw, chew, chewing tobacco, chignon, coil, cud, cue, cut plug, dock, eating tobacco, fantail, fid, knot, navy, navy plug, plait, queue, quid, rattail, stub, tail, tailpiece, tobacco juice, topknot, twist
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